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Pet food recalls

Research papers that document illness or death in animals as a result of pet food

Rebuttal to Pet Food Institute's comments by Dr. Hodgkins

Testimony of Dr. Hodgkins to Senate appropriations committee

Misleading or incorrect information by pet food industry

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Updates and Latest News

Mass e-mail campaign!

Contact FDA Commissioner von Eschenbach - ask fore more effective regulation of pet food here

Contact your Congress representative - ask them to support the Durbin/DeLauro Pet and Human Food Safety Act!

We're looking for a MASSIVE E-MAIL CAMPAIGN. If each person can send a few simple emails

- to Congress woman DeLauro for pushing and threatening the FDA

Contact Congress woman DeLauro:

- to the Senators involved in the Appropriations committee hearing - tell them you support their investigation and action related to the pet food industry. We need these Senators to KEEP PUSHING.

Contact Senator Durbin:

Contact Senator Kohl:

Senator Bennett:

Senator Byrd:

Already emailed? Email again. Email with various topics (agriculture, animal rights, etc.) - different staff aides will read them.

Not a resident of their state? Doesn't matter. You may not be able to vote for them - but please THANK them!


Class Action Lawsuit

Lawsuit filed against pet food manufacturers and retailers for false and misleading advertising

Senator Durbin Addresses the Senate May 2

Congresswoman DeLauro:

DeLauro Threatens FDA: Hartford Courant

Upcoming Interviews with Senator Durbin:

Dog Talk Radio

Durbin will be interviewed on the “Dog Talk: The Radio Show” Saturday, April 14.  The show can be listened to live from 10-11 AM Central Time by clicking here:
For those who miss it, the show is archived here:
The interview will be about Thursday’s hearing and will last approximately 10 minutes.

Cat Chat Radio

He'll be interviewed on Cat Chat Radio, with Dr. Hodgkins, the following week.

Senate Appropriations committee hearing

Held Thursday, April 12! Details

Webcasts and transcripts of the April 12 hearing:

Testimony of witnesses and webcast

Appropriations webcast

RealPlayer webcast - you'll need the latest version of RealPlayer

C-span webcast

Itchmo transcript

Doggedblog transcript

In the News

Press Enterprise, July 16 - More pet owners are giving their dogs, cats raw food

DVM Magazine, May 1 - Several articles regarding the pet food recalls, pet food safety

Steve Dale's PetCast, April 18 - Interview with Dr. Hodgkins

Connecticut Post, April 13 - DeLauro plans FDA import hearings

Orange County Register, April 12 - Rx for cats: no wheat, only meat (Dr. Hodgkins)

Seattle PI, April 12 - Tainted pet food might still be on some store shelves

Shore Line Times, April 11 - Pet food poisoning, time for action

Tennessean, April 11 - Incident not as bad as reports suggest (Dr. Kirk)

Chicago Tribune, April 9 - Durbin announces pet-food hearing line-up

Steve Dale's PetWorld, April 8- Interview with Senator Durbin

Lethal Dose - criticism of Dr. Kirk

Press releases and news conferences

May 2 - Food Safety Amendment Approved by Senate:

May 1 - Durbin/DeLauro Food Safety Act proposition:

April 23 press release from Senator Durbin's office:

April 12 press release from Senator Durbin's office at

April 5 press release from Senator Durbin's office at

CBS 2 video of news conference at

Photos courtesy of Heather Meservey

Copy of Senator Durbin's April 1st press release here.

Congressional Inquiry 3/27/07

Courtesy of


Sen. Richard Durbin (D-Ill.) and Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) have asked the FDA for details of the pet food recall investigation, while Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), Chairman of the Subcommittee on Domestic Policy of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, has sent Menu Foods' CEO a letter of inquiry which asks many hard-hitting questions, including a request for "all internal documents, correspondence, email, records, data and information ... relating to this incident and to nutritional information or purity testing on all Menu Food pet food products."

Durbin & DeLauro's letter to the FDA

Kucinich's letter to Menu Foods

Please WRITE or FAX and thank them for their involvement!

Contact Senator Durbin:

Contact Congress woman DeLauro:


Durbin, Richard- (D - IL)

Fax: 312-353-0150

Cornell notes the ONE food your cat should have

Cornell's promotional materials for their newsletter, CatWatch, extoll the benefits of feeding only wet food.

CatWatch promo


To learn more about feeding your cat properly - please visit Feline Outreach!


Feel free to contact me at Pet Food Crusade!

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