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Exposing the Fraud

Could a family Physician get away with "prescribing" strict Corn Chip diets to trusting patients due to Frito-Lay funding his education and paying him kickbacks in his practice?  Veterinarians take the same Oath as a Physician, and are compensated to be entrusted with the health and well-being of our pets, are they not?  If a vet really needs to sell "diets" (as profits may account for well over 20 percent of income), should they not, at least, be forced to affiliate with HEALTHY ones  -- after having completed legitimate nutritional studies, research, and training, so as to avoid such a blatant and costly conflict of interest? 

Despite the facts regarding questionable, cheap, unhealthy ingredients in mainstream pet foods being so widely available and provided, people STILL listen to their "trusted" veterinarian and feed their pets that which makes them SICK(ER)!!!    Just how many people are aware of the MAIN ingredients in these foods (proven allergens: corn/wheat/gluten/soy...) and the wide array of health issues which so commonly accompany these "diets" (chronic yeast-ear infections; allergies, hot spots, Urinary Tract Infections, Cancer, Diabetes...?)

I have submitted more than sufficient proof (see links), which has been accumulated, to every media outlet imaginable in calling to address this blatant conflict of interest, and truly need the support of other deceived pet owners to win this fight.  I urge everyone who has had pets on "prescription formulas" suffering from various, chronic ailments only to be drugged up (Cats on Insulin; dogs on Steroids...) to submit news tips; write letters to editors and/or file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission to end the deceptive, fraudulent conflict of interest.$.startup?Z_ORG_CODE=PU01    

I wonder why has no Media yet come forward and done their civic responsibility of reporting this ongoing fraud epidemic which is so vital, heartbreaking, and costly to so many? (See Steriods in baseball and B. Spears being shoved down our throats, though.)

Research Evidence of Pet Food Harms

Pet Food Statement Dr Fox

Campaign for Pet Food Regulation

Since there are health warnings on cigarette packs, why none on these foods, and in lobbies of vets who sell it? It is not only a conflict of interest, but FRAUD, that a veterinarian should be permitted to sell something which has been PROVEN to be detrimental to a patient's health.  Why is a doctor of medicine even permitted to be "prescribing" and "advising" such when it's not even (bad) medicine by any stretchAgain, our Physicians can not "prescribe" AND sell us Corn Chips in their practices while addressing our health issues! 

How can such a blatant conflict of interest continue to ethically and legally be tolerated, as these vets, of course, will not diagnose health issues (caused by the food) properly or honestly?  We must especially consider the evidence brought to light due to the 2007 pet food recall catastrophe   -- seems everyone knows someone who had dogs and/or cats become sick while being fed "prescription" formulas  -- specifically sudden cases of Kidney and Renal Failure.

Yes, we may be easily deceived by the cute, heartwarming advertisements produced by these pet food companies -- however we do NOT pay those people handsomely for their trusted medical treatment, advice and guidance!

Why has no Media yet come forward and done their civic responsibility of reporting this ongoing fraud epidemic which is so vital, heartbreaking, and costly to so many, while steroids in Baseball and celebrity garbage continue to be shoved in our faces at every turn?  Because there are no LAWYERS involved, of course!! Here are cases with NO burden of proof (for the food was detrimental to health even BEFORE it was poisoned), yet they're only suing the Manufacturers??

Tip on the iceberg:
See "Comments"; over 90 comments of distressed pet owners right here: 

Why is this not news?

Why does a Lawyer or investigator not research a veterinary practice which sells "prescription diets" and see for themselves the overwhelming cases of canine-feline Cancer and Diabetes (among countless other avoidable health issues), then visit a Holistic veterinarian/Nutritional Specialist who does not push such "food" for profit and compare their statistics and evidence? While he's at it, he can take note of which practices push pet insurance most aggressively, as well as fleecing clients with unnecessary "treatments".

If Congress were to take action to  prohibit the practice of  veterinarians selling over-priced "diets" which have been proven to be detrimental to the animals' health (not to mention, which contain the cheapest ingredients, some from CHINA; yet note those inflated price tags nonetheless - more deceptive consumer fraud), they'd have NO burden of proof, either, as the proof and evidence are so widely available! 

Also, would you not agree that, on a daily basis, more beings are adversely affected by this conflict of interest/pet food issue than they ever could be by steroids in baseball, an issue which they won't let rest? Could it be that those pet food companies are even richer, thus more influential in keeping their skeletons in the closet, than even Major League Baseball who can pay ARod's salary?

Naive pet owners I know have actually compared a dentist recommending Colgate Toothpaste to those vets.
Has Colgate ever been a proven health risk to people who use it?

We pet owners can only hope and pray that we can find an entity or investigator who is not on the payroll as well, and that somebody in the media will speak up and take on these deceitful titans with veterinarians in their pockets fleecing naive clients. It is outright, blatant FRAUD!  And, pssst, guess who are among, if not THE  biggest stockholders of Hill's, the makers of Science Diet? Their governing entity!

Please urge every pet owner you know to contact as many media as they can, and to file a FTC complaint.

How can we persuade pet owners to make, and keep, their pets healthy when their trusted veterinarians are selling them in the other direction because they have stocks in the products!

On Behalf of Legions of Deceived Pet Owners,
-D.M. McGowan


Feel free to contact me at Pet Food Crusade!

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