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FDA "public" meeting

Update 5/14/08! The meeting on May 13th had a VERY disappointing turnout! In fact, they ended the meeting very early due to lack of attendance. How unfortunate. Please note they are STILL accepting comments until June 13! Please let your voice, and the voice of your pets, be heard!!!

Meeting video and commentary:

Update 4/24/08! The FDA has finally announced the hearings on the FDA Amendments Act will be held in Maryland on May 13th, 2008. You can get all the details at:

PLEASE take a few moments to voice your concerns over pet food!!! Our companion animals are counting on us!

To submit electronic comments, enter the docket # (FDA-2007-N-0442) here:

Our Request

We demand two things:

  • Removal of the AAFCO certification from all pet food labels - the certification is misleading as no true certification the food is "complete and balanced" is available. The AAFCO acknowledges it does not test pet foods for safety.
  • Inclusion of maximum carbohydrate content in the guaranteed analysis - carbohydrate content is key information, particularly for cat owners dealing with diabetes, obesity, gastro-intestinal disorders, struvite crystals, etc.

The Rationale

It may seem like we're not asking much - we're not! By requesting only minor changes to pet food labels, we are less likely to be refused these changes. We're asking for information imperative for proper labeling, yet information it's not impossible or even particularly difficult to provide us. We have documentation, from Pet Food Institute and FDA staff themselves, that the information is needed by pet owners. By presenting a united front in our requests, we're more likely to be heard.

To be heard, however, we need HUNDREDS of individuals to get involved!

PLEASE take a few minutes to submit comments!

The meeting will be held May 13, 2008, time is of the essence!

Sample letter

Attachment regarding AAFCO certification request

Attachment regarding carbohydrate content request

To submit comments electronically, enter the docket # (FDA-2007-N-0442) here:

Click "Send a Comment or Submission" under the listing:
"Opportunity for Public Input on Standards for Pet Food and Other Animal Feeds; Notice of Meeting "

You can also view the details of the docket item (including what specific items they are looking for the public's opinion on):

Mail comments to:

Division of Dockets Management (HFA-305), Food and Drug Administration, 5630 Fishers Lane, Room 1061, Rockville, MD 20852

Make sure to note: Regarding docket #FDA-2007-N-0442


To learn more about feeding your cat properly - please visit Feline Outreach!


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