Sari Silk Scarf

This gorgeous scarf is made of recycled sari silk.  Women in India collect the scarps of fabric discarded by the sari manufacturers.  These scraps are then spun into a truly unique yarn.  Due to the nature of the yarn, there are vast color, texture, and weight variations within a single hank of yarn.  (This is evident in particular in the dark green yarn toward one end of this scarf, which is much thicker than most of the other color segments.) It lends to a lovely distinctive look.

Size 11” wide x 90” long

recycled sari silk

Hand wash, lay flat to dry.

If you machine wash on delicate cold cycle and/or machine dry on the low setting, it can soften the fabric and make it “fuzzier” but you also risk the yarn coming apart or becoming tangled. The colors could bleed on other items laundered with it.

$60.00 - No longer available

Sari Silk Scarf